Tegancat Music is a songwriting/recording studio and record label
located in Winnipeg, Canada. Owner and producer Jim Stoeber is a
seasoned musician and songwriter with many years of live performance
and recording studio experience as a vocalist, instrumentalist and band
leader. This label is the home of artists Grace Murillo, Janice Baris and
others. Along with these artists is a world wide network of songwriters,
musicians, vocalists and others who contribute to the projects that are
worked on here. At Tegancat Music we are dedicated to bringing out original
music that, while having strong commercial appeal, is also very musically
valid, embracing aspects heard in many styles from pop to R&B to dance
to hip hop to reggae to jazz to rock, and on - no boundaries. With eight CDs
to their credit and new projects on the go Tegancat Studio is bustling with
activity, continuing to bring cool new music your way.

We have just finished an exciting new project called "Listen". A various artists
CD scheduled for release in April 2007. Artists included are Courtney Parker, Janice Baris,
Grace Murillo , Berna de Castro ,Kim Reimer
and Toronto Artist Rodney Ronquillo.

Tegancat's Groove Control CD was released with international acclaim in
spring of 2000. Cairografix worked closely with the artists at Tegancat to
create a unique and distinct visual for the CD cover and inlays.

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