Singer-songwriter Kim Reimer taught herself to play guitar at the
age of 21 and has not looked back. Influenced by artists such as
Fleetwood Mac, Jewel, the Dixie Chicks, and Sheryl Crow, Kim's
passion for strong lyrics and melody is evident in her songwriting.
Most recently she has been co-writing and recording songs with
producer Jim Stoeber of Tegancat Music in Winnipeg.

Kim's live performances range from intimate acoustic sets to full-on
band gigs. Musicians she regularily performs with include Jim Stoeber
(guitar, bass, vocals), Janice Baris (keyboards, percussion, vocals),
Ron Torpey (drums, percussion, vocals).

Kim's debut album Let's Get Away released November 24,2007.

Kim's sophomore album, Not the First Girl again demonstrates her
songwriting and vocal prowess. There is a well blended mix of
up-beat pop-country, with songs about life and love, travel and
coming home. Not the First Girl is due to be released early in 2009

Once again, it has been an honor and privilege to work with Kim
and the talented musicians at Tegancat Music , and visionary producer
Jim Stoeber.

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