Grace Murillo and her amazing pop/r&b vocal style have always
attracted a great deal of attention. Born and raised in Winnipeg,
Canada this 24-year-old talent has headlined concerts, made
many guest appearances and has become a serious session
singer in the studio.

On the heels of her first solo album Wonderful (still getting airplay
on Winnipeg's Cool FM), a sophomore CD, Perfect Plan ,has recently
been released. This hot new CD blends the contemporary sounds
of guitar-based pop rock with smooth and sexy r&b rhythms and
reggae-tinged urban soul. Just two weeks into the release, three
songs from the album were added to the playlist on Winnipeg's
Cafe 100 FM.

In addition to her solo successes, Grace has continued to attract
attention as the dynamic lead singer of the Canadian band TRU 22.

We worked extensively with Grace and Jim (Tegancat Music) on this project.
The goal was to reflect Grace’s visual aspects in the artwork and complement
the overall feel of the audio experience. This CD was released in spring of
2006 with stunning reviews and airplay.

We are currently working with Grace as her primary photography studio capturing
her stunning presence both on and off stage. We are also currently working on
a new CD which is to be released in the near future.

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