Courtney Parker has an amazing voice and stage presence.
Early in 2007, she began songwriting and recording with producer
Jim Stoeber at Tegancat Music, and her debut solo album, keep this real,
has just been released.

One of the songs from the album, "Nobody any good," is featured on
Listen, a Tegancat Music "various artists" CD released in May 2007.

Influenced by much of main stream radio by artists such as Michelle
Branch and Fergie, Courtney's style is a well blended mix of pop, rock
and r&b that delivers with powerful emotion and well crafted lyrics. Her
live performance consists of a mix of cover tunes and originals. As well
as playing gigs with her band, for "unplugged" performances she has
worked out a great acoustic set with guitarist Jim Stoeber.

Courtney's passion for singing started at a very young age when she
began taking Musical Theatre classes from a prominent Winnipeg dance
and music studio. She has studied at the University of Manitoba School
of Music and has recently attended the Randolph Academy of Performing
Arts in Toronto.

Working closely with Courtney and Jim (Tegancat Music) on this project,
we tried to bring out the energy and warmth that Courtney puts into her live
performances. This CD will be released in summer of 2007. The official release
date is August 11, 2007.

We are currently working with Courtney on upcoming projects, and as her official
photographer. Visit Courney's official photo site here..

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