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Cricket, Manitoba style.

Sorry everyone, I began 2011 with some medical issues which prevented me from

lifting any weight...camera included. I watched a few games, and finally was

able to come out and shoot a little by the middle of August.


Requests may also be made via the Cosmos Cricket Club website.

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ICC Americas U 15 - Game 6 - Bermuda vs Canada August 26th

ICC Americas U 15 - Game 5 - USA vs Canada August 25th

ICC Americas U 15 - Game 3 - Canada vs Bermuda August 23rd

ICC Americas U 15 - Game 2 - Canada vs USA August 22nd

ICC Americas U 15 - Game 1 - Bermuda vs USA August 21st

Cosmos vs Kingz XI, August 13th.

Lancers vs Lions 2, August 13th.

Some assorted pics, August 13th.

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